SpecChem introduces a highly-effective skin lightener


Introducing SpecWhite 05: Oxothiazolidinecarboxylic acid

SpecWhite 05 is a highly-effective skin lightener from a natural, safe, effective and skin-friendly source. It is created via the cyclisation of L-cysteine (I) to L-2-oxothiazolidine-4-carboxylic acid (II).

SpecWhite 05 is a cysteine pro-drug of natural origin, which is safe and skin-friendly. It has a highly-effective inhibiting rate on the tyrosinase enzyme (up to 92.2% at 0.5 w/w%) providing excellent skin lightening and whitening ability.

It augments intracellular glutathione by providing substrate cysteine for glutathione synthesis. SpecWhite 05 is easy to use and water-soluble.

Efficacy of SpecWhite 05

In a test to ascertain the tyrosinase-inhibition activity of SpecWhite 05, anti-tyrosinase activity was trialled using samples in a 96-well microplate.

The samples were dissolved with solution buffer in different concentrations. The sample was mixed with 80μL of the phosphate buffer (pH6.8) and 40μL of L-tyrosine (5mmol/L).

The mixed solution was incubated at 37°C for ten minutes. Then 40μL of mushroom tyrosinase solution (150U/mL) was added and incubated at 37°C for five to ten minutes.

After incubation, the visible absorption was measured at 490nm. Tyrosinase inhibition (T) was calculated as in the following equation:

T (%) = [1- (A - B) /(C - D)]*100

Where A is the absorbance value of the test sample, B is the absorbance value of the blank sample, C is the absorbance value of the control and D is the absorbance value of the blank control.

The inhibition rate of 5mg/mL SpecWhite 05 on tyrosinase activity was shown to be as much as 92.2%, and the IC50 value of SpecWhite 05 was calculated as 4.6mg/mL, according to the dose-response curve.

The above result is comparative to the inhibition rate of 0.2mg/mL Vc on the tyrosinase enzyme (mushroom) activity (97.6%).

Formulation Example: Whitening Essence(0.5% SpecWhite 05)


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Whitens skin, absorbs quickly, gives smooth texture.


  1. Mix phase A at 80°C while stirring until completely dissolved
  2. Mix phase B components and stir well
  3. Add phase A into B, homogenise for five mins
  4. Disperse phase C and cool the base below 60°C then add phase C
  5. Cool the base below 45°C then add phase D while stirring until room temperature.

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