Natural oral care ingredients from SpecKare plant extract

Published: 16-May-2019

Introduction of SpecKare GBE001 (chlorophyll copper sodium)

Chlorophyll copper sodium is a natural-origin dye approved by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Health Organization (WHO) and the China Food Additive Standard Commission.

This approval includes animal sources (silkworm excrement) and plant sources (leaves of alfalfa, bamboo, ginkgo biloba, etc).

SpecKare GBE001 extracted from leaves of ginkgo biloba

Chlorophyll copper sodium is a dark green powder that is easily soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is a yellow-green to blue-green clear transparent liquid.

Water-soluble chlorophyll copper sodium has the characteristics of bright colour, stable performance and safe use. It has certain nutritional value and health care functions, and is widely used in food additives, cosmetic additives, colourants, photoelectric conversion materials and other fields.

It is also widely used in medicine and health care, being an important raw material for the production of medicine for hepatitis, as well as gastric and duodenal ulcer drugs.

Formula for SpecKare GBE001 mouthwash

Natural oral care ingredients from SpecKare plant extract

Efficacy of SpecKare GBE001

In the specialty chemicals industry, chlorophyll copper sodium has deodorisation, anti-inflammatory and other effects, and is widely used in high-efficacy creams, toothpastes and mouthwashes.

Efficacy of SpecKare GBE001 mouthwash

This product is a pure, natural, light-green, transparent mouthwash, which is effective at cleaning teeth, refreshing the mouth, removing bad breath and invigorating, as well as imparting antibacterial efficacy and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is effective in the prevention and treatment of periodontitis and gingival hemorrhage. In addition to being a pigment to adjust the colour of the mouthwash, chlorophyll copper sodium salt in the formula can also be used for its anti-inflammation, deodorisation and homeostatic properties.

Efficacy of Spec BTS Saponins

Tea saponin is a natural surfactant extracted from black tea seeds, which not only cleans the mouth, but also has the pharmacological functions of sterilisation, disinfection, anti-inflammation, etc.

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