Solabia's mission: To protect and balance all skin types, even the most sensitive!

Published: 12-Apr-2023

The Solabia group's research has focused on the development and valorisation of active ingredients and extracts specifically act to protect and balance

Due to prolonged and repeated exposure to external aggressions (pollution, UV, blue light, stress...), the skin's protective function is altered, and its natural balance is disrupted. Therefore, its natural defences are weakened, leading to reactivity, tightness, and overproduction of sebum or even large pores.

These skin disorders affect the skin's texture, appearance, and health. Thus, to help it restore its homeostasis and integrity, it is necessary to respond to its fundamental needs: protect and strengthen its barrier function and regenerate its microbiome's balance.

The Solabia group's research has therefore focused on the development and valorisation of active ingredients and extracts specifically act to PROTECT and BALANCE:

  • HelioPure® Skin > obtained from a micro-algae, that contains a powerful antioxidant molecule to protect the skin from photo-aging
  • Ecoskin® > a pre-postbiotic complex, that ensures the balance of the cutaneous microbiota, therefore reinforcing the immune defences while enhancing the radiance of the most sensitive skin, whether dry, combination, or oily
  • SolaSMART® fuse > resulting from an innovative macro-inclusion technology, they are multifunctional beauty pearls based on 2 polysaccharides of marine origin for a holistic Skin-Body-Hair-Mind experience
  • Thanks to Solabia’s strong vegetal expertise, fruity beauty is promoted thanks to 3 new certified organic plants selected for their balancing and protective properties: apricot, fig, and almond

The action of these ingredients will protect the skin against premature aging and boost the natural defences to balance the skin microbiome. By bringing well-being and appeasement, the skin is unified, healthy, and comfortable again.

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