Solabia addresses ‘urban ageing’ with Invincity

Published: 6-May-2020

Marine polysaccharides-rich ingredient addresses the signs of skin ageing caused by pollution exposure

Urban environmental pollutions, including particulate matter, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as indoor pollution such as volatile organic chemicals can accentuate skin ageing mechanisms.

To address this, Solabia has introduced a new active cosmetic ingredient, rich in marine polysaccharides, to address this issue of ‘urban ageing’. Invincity and Invincity Powder are concentrated forms of fucoidans (sulphated polysaccharides) of high molecular weight, derived from the brown algae Ascophyllum nodosum.

The aryl-hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) is activated in the presence of pollutants and upregulates inflammation, resulting in signs of ageing including changes to skin barrier function and dark spots.

Invincity limits the activation of the AhR pathway. It also reduces carbonylated proteins and maintains the dermo-epidermal cutaneous structure to ensure skin barrier function, reducing pollution-induced skin damage such as dehydration, dark spots and redness.

The powder form of Invincity allows for a reduction in the quantity of water used and in the amount of carbon required for transport.

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