Snow Algae Powder


Beauty sleep for skin rejuvenation

The anti-aging properties of Snow Algae Powder are based on the exceptional survival tactics of the snow algae, which have developed a kind of “sleeping beauty” strategy, in which the organism slows down and reduces caloric intake. Snow Algae Powder has been shown to stimulate the longevity gene Klotho and activate AMPK, which is a master sensor of cell energy. Through the activation of Klotho and AMPK a calorie restriction-mimetic anti-aging effect can be achieved in the skin for the very first time.

  • Protects and activates longevity factors in skin cells
  • Safeguards youthfulness of skin by activating Klotho
  • Rejuvenates and protects skin at the cellular level

Snow Algae Powder is based on the extract of a unique algae that is able to grow on glaciers and permanent snow. In these extreme environmental conditions, the algae produces valuable stress response molecules that protect the youthfulness of the skin.

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