Silgan Dispensing collaborates with Shiseido's Ulé line

Published: 21-Jun-2022

Silang Dispensing joins forces with Shiseido to deliver sustainable packaging solution to support its new Ulé skincare line

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, announces its recent collaboration with Shiseido to support the design and development of the beauty company’s new product, Le Beau Reset Balancing Floral Mist – part of Shiseido’s new Ulé skincare line.

The new product utilises Silgan Dispensing’s SP22 Maximist® fine mist sprayer, incorporating a high percentage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin to support Shiseido’s commitment to sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly materials.

Silgan Dispensing’s team in Le Tréport, France, worked closely with Shiseido on the packaging for Le Beau Reset Balancing Floral Mist to deliver a beauty product with both a supreme consumer experience and lower environmental impact. The SP22 Maximist® fine mist sprayer for both the 20 ml and 100 ml bottle sizes incorporates high percentages of PCR materials into the finished components – the closure, head and overcap. The pump for the 100ml bottle size contains 63% PCR while the 20 ml bottle has 72%.

Additionally, Silgan Dispensing designed a custom green colour in a PCR option to align with Shiseido’s new Ulé brand.

“Increasingly, consumers are demanding products that are highly sustainable, while at the same time, offering uncompromised function, quality and prestige,” said Etienne Briere, senior manager, global fine mist marketing at Silgan Dispensing. “Collaborating with Shiseido to deliver on all of these priorities exemplifies our company’s mission and commitment to developing innovative, sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.”

Silgan Dispensing’s SP22 Maximist® applies a fine and elegant mist and features a smooth actuation. Its wide angle makes it convenient for face application. For more information on Silgan Dispensing’s SP22, please visit

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