Schwan Cosmetics presents individual and tailored solutions in Bologna


Schwan Cosmetics is back at Cosmopack Bologna to introduce “Schwan Cosmetics re-invented", a large offer of new and tailored services paired with a new corporate design

At the booth, individualisation is in the spotlight: As a premiere, the team will show smart and agile solutions for individual product shapes and designs using their latest technologies like 3D- printing.

With exclusive 3D-printed packaging solutions, Schwan Cosmetics introduces an industry first, providing a unique decorative process for customisation.

The company offers brands of all sizes a fast prototyping with unlimited shapes and geometry forms as well as a short time-to-market.

Another advantage: By producing less waste than other production methods, the 3D-printing business area further fits into the sustainable approach of the company.

Dagmar Chlosta, Chief Market Officer Schwan Cosmetics: “Through our ‘Beauty your Way’ model, brands can co-create with us their very own, unique product design and thus transport their brand message in a very individual way.”

In Bologna, Schwan Cosmetics will also showcase innovative wooden cosmetics pencils with designs inspired by both nature and geometrical shapes, reinforcing their pledge to become the most sustainable innovator in colour cosmetics.

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