Schülke launches new multifunctional active ingredient

Published: 30-Nov-2020

Sensiva SC 50 is a real multifunctional additive with synergy, boosting, moisturising and odor reducing efficacy

Schülke’s launch of sensiva SC 50 (ethylhexylglycerin) gave the personal care industry its first truly multifunctional additive; combining antimicrobial boosting with additional functions:

  • In-vitro tests show a selective activity on odor causing Gram-positive bacteria. sensiva SC 50 can be used as a deodorant active. It has minimal effect on the microbiome as compared to triclosan, which indiscriminately eliminated all microorganisms
  • Studies combining sensiva® SC 50 with alcohols and glycols prove a true synergy, boosting preservative and antimicrobial efficacy in finished formulations
  • As a medium-spreading emollient, ethylhexylglycerin is able to improve the skin-feel of personal care formulations. sensiva SC 50 in combination with glycerin can produce a formulation that feels less tacky and greasy, with improved penetration and lower soaping.

The recent pandemic has refocused the world’s attention on antimicrobials. With increasing use of hand sanitisers, the prevalence of dry, irritated hands is a real issue.

Sensiva SC 50 not only boosts the antimicrobial efficacy, it also helps to improve the moisturization of the skin after use.

Prevention of contamination, both on skin and in product, has never been more important to manufacturers and consumers. This is familiar territory to Schülke, which was founded in 1889 with the singular focus to protect people and products worldwide against infection and microbial contamination.

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