Sacred lotus cells to relax your skin

Published: 21-Jun-2021

Unwind Sacred lotus is made of active plant cells from the sacred lotus (nelumbo nucifera). That pink lotus grows in water and, in Asia, represents purity and creation, regeneration and enlightenment. By modulating the skin’s neurosystem, sacred lotus cells have a relaxing effect that helps to regain radiance and to soothe skin.


Unwind Sacred lotus has a general relaxing effect on the skin, acting on vital factors in the skin’s well-being (neuromediators and a neurohormones) that transmit or decrease stress in the skin and decrease the effects that stress may induce such as irritation and oxidation.

It shows the following effects at the cellular level in the epidermis:

  • Relaxing, by modulating the release of melatonin and 3 neuromediators: Substance P, CGRP and acetylcholine involved in transmission of pain, vasodilation and thermoregulation
  • Soothing, by decreasing the release of 3 inflammation mediators
  • Antioxidant, by decreasing oxidative stress (the formation of free radicals).

A clinical study carried out on 20 women aged 25 to 65 years-old showed an overall improvement in skin tone in terms of radiance (+28%), luminosity (+26%), and homogeneity (+19%) after 28 days of treatment (2 applications/day).

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% plant glycerine).

Unwind Sacred lotus does not contain any preservatives. It can be used in formulas for care products (face and body) and in make-up products. COSMOS or Natrue approvals available on request for all liquid forms of the product, ISO 16128 certificates as well.

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