SILAB asserts its independence and adapts its governance

Published: 10-Jan-2023

SILAB, which was until now a limited company with a board of directors, has become a limited company with a management board and a supervisory board since January 1st , 2023

Created in 1984, SILAB is an independent French company led by Jean Paufique, founder and chief executive officer. SILAB has always claimed its independence, raised as a corporate value and considered as the key factor of its success. This independence gives SILAB a large freedom of decision in terms of innovation and investments and places it as a strategic supplier to its main customers.

With the determination to guarantee the company's durability, Mr. Paufique has decided to keep this model which has proved its worth and to which he is particularly attached and has chosen to entrust the operational management of the company to the five members of the former management committee (Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, Jean-Philippe Cosson, Xavier Gaillard, Florence Giner-Meilhac and Dominique Muller). He explains: "For nearly 40 years, I have worked with my collaborators to build a solid company that is a reference in its market and a vector of strong values. It is now time to put in place a new organisation, synonymous with stability and sustainability. I have full confidence in the management team that has worked alongside me for many years, and I am convinced that they will continue to foster the virtuous circle of our development”.

This team now constitutes SILAB's management board, which is chaired by Brigitte Closs-Gonthier. The other members become general managers. Mr. Paufique adds: "Innovation is at the heart of our corporate strategy. This strong identity, a symbol of our success, is embodied by Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, who has been with me since the beginnings of the company, which is why it seemed obvious to all of us to appoint her as president of the management board.”

Mr. Paufique chairs the supervisory board, with his wife, Josette Paufique, and his daughter, Anne Paufique, both vice-chairwomen. Jean-Louis Nesti and Nathalie Tholoniat join them as independent members. “I am very pleased to chair this supervisory board as it is particularly important to me to continue to follow the smooth running and success of the company, and to attest to the maintenance of its values.” comments Mr. Paufique.

SILAB is a 100% family-owned company. The members of the Paufique family remain fully committed to the project through the general meeting of shareholders.

Brigitte Closs-Gonthier concludes: “I am very honoured by the trust placed in me. What is essential for all of us is to guarantee continuity, whether in terms of strategic choices or shared values. We want all our stakeholders (clients, suppliers, employees, public authorities, etc.) to be assured of our desire to maintain SILAB's identity, and I am personally committed to infusing the same dynamic.”

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