Ruka Hair has hit £1,000,000 raise in Crowdfund

Published: 6-Mar-2023

Ruka is on a mission to create the definitive hair brand for black women globally, by building an ecosystem of hair solutions which are ethical, safe and award winning. They started with real hair extensions and are now raising to fuel growth, reach and seek to add game-changing synthetic hair to their portfolio

Ruka launched their Crowdfund on the 17th November and within 8 days £718,840 was raised with 412 investors! The fundraise was to continue development of their IP-able synthetics, bolster their supply chain, use retail to accelerate community growth and prepare for Africa entry.

Founder Tendai Moyo says 'We launched to challenge an industry that has relegated this consumer group to a 'back-alley' consumer experience and low quality products. We set out to reform the industry for people with afro and curly hair, by building a safe ecosystem of award-winning hair solutions.'

Ruka is currently the 4th company in Crowd-cube history for biggest female investors at 70% (biggest is 73%). With Gen-Z and millennials being the highest investors with 58% of them 18-30 years old.

RUKA is British made with an African heritage and a global outlook. Co-founded in 2020 by Tendai Moyo and Ugo Agbai, they set out to create hair and beauty solutions that truly worked for Black women.

“When we started Ruka, we wanted to create the solution that we had craved for as long as we could remember. A brand that listened, innovated, and treated me as a worthy consumer. No one needs to dig that deep to realise that the shopping experience for black women in the hair space is completely flawed. Ruka is here to offer something that's been needed for a long time.”

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