Rubbing the skin when removing make-up worsens skin conditions, say scientists

By Becky Bargh 13-Oct-2020

Researchers from Kao found skin among consumers with atopic dermatitis was improved by using a cleanser with better cleansing ability

Rubbing the skin when removing make-up has been found to worsen skin conditions among consumers with atopic dermatitis.

A study by researchers from Kao Corporation measured 35 subjects over a four week period who were asked to switch their usual make-up remover for a cleansing oil.

The results showed skin’s dryness was significantly decreased, as was scaling, irritation, erythema and itchiness.

Meanwhile, scientists found some participants had increased moisture-retention ability and a significant reduction in transepidermal water loss.

Greater improvements were seen on patients who’d previously used cleansers with a low cleansing ability.

Researchers said the results suggested that atopic dermatitis patients who cleanse their faces with harsh scrubbing, due to the low cleansing ability of their products, are at risk of worsening their symptoms without realising.

Beauty cleansing oils on the market.

1. Codex Beauty

The new Bia Wash-Off Cleansing Oil is said to be lightweight with a blend of borage, blackcurrant, chia seed and oat lipid oil.

These ingredients are designed to hydrate, moisturise, soothe and protect skin from environmental factors, while gently removing make-up.

Customers are advised to use in the morning and evening by massaging into skin to loosen impurities.

2. Mauli

Featuring 18 clarifying botanicals, the new Supreme Skin Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types and helps remove make-up, pollutants, dead skin cells and excess sebum.

Rosehip, jojoba, moringa and vitamin A work to soothe sensitivity, dissolve impurities without drying out skin, and help improve skin tone, texture and hydration.

Meanwhile, vitamin E and ‘super ingredient’ turmeric protect against free radicals and balance damaged skin.

3. Bobbi Brown

Last year, beauty brand Bobbi Brown reformulated its hero Soothing Cleansing Oil with kind-to-skin ingredients, including kukui nut oil, goji berry, white water lily, prickly pear and botanical oils.

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The relaunched product is designed to remove impurities, pollutants and long-wearing waterproof eye make-up, without drying out skin.