Roja Dove on how Brexit could harm the perfumery industry


Perfumer and Founder of luxury fragrance brand Roja Parfums discusses the implications of Brexit

On 23 June, the UK will vote on whether to leave or remain in the EU. Perfumer Roja Dove, Founder of Roja Dove Parfums, shares his thoughts on Brexit with Cosmetics Business...

How will Brexit affect the cost of raw materials and final prices for the consumer?
I am sure that what a lot of people wouldn’t realise is that many raw materials in the fragrance industry cost more than gold bullion and therefore if suddenly we cannot trade with suppliers freely it means that we would end up paying far more for such ingredients. Therefore leaving the EU could potentially result in a huge impact to the final price for the consumer because it means my cost of goods will increase significantly.

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How could retailers be impacted by leaving the EU?
Brexit could potentially increase the cost of shipping exponentially. It is interesting to see that when consumers...

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