Revieve develops new beauty AI tools to drive customer engagement

By Becky Bargh | Published: 16-Jun-2020

The new features use AR and AI technology to determine skin tone and factors affecting the skin

AR tech firm Revieve has developed two new digital tools that it hopes will drive engagement with customers for its retailer partners.

The No-Touch Skin Tone Analysis Solution uses video analysis and images of skin to determine consumer’s skin tones for foundation matching, bypassing the need for optimal lighting conditions or colour calibration cards.

Also new to market is Revieve’s AI skin diagnostic tool.

The Live Video Selfie Analysis solution enables the user to determine health and beauty-related factors affecting their skin directly through a live feed.

“Providing consumers with engaging and fun ways to connect with their favourite beauty brands and retailers is now table-stakes in the industry,” said Revieve’s CEO Sampo Parkinnen.

“These platforms enhancements are geared to help these brands and retailers better connect with their audience and create a more seamless beauty experience for the consumer.”

Last year, the brand released an in-depth granularity analysis tool for wrinkles and dark spots, which measures both the size and intensity of lines.

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