Revieve Launches High-Fidelity Live 3D Virtual Try-On

Published: 16-May-2019

Revieve, the leading beauty-technology company based in Helsinki, Finland has announced the launch of its high-fidelity live 3D Virtual Try-On for color cosmetics.

The company’s new virtual try-on solution provides retailers and brands with the ability to provide their customers with true-to-life color, finish and texture virtual try-ons both for individual products as well as complete looks.

“Through our work with retail and brand partners across four continents, we’ve been able to highlight the shortcomings of existing virtual try-on solutions when it comes to the accuracy of facial tracking and therefore also the accuracy of the try-on itself. Our high-fidelity solution for virtual try-ons addresses these shortcomings by leveraging our unique expertise in computer-vision and selfie skin-analysis”, explains Revieve CEO Sampo Parkkinen.

The high-fidelity virtual try-on solution leverages Revieve’s proprietary skin analysis technology, enabling a high-fidelity tracking of facial features across 200+ measurement points across the consumers face in real-time as opposed to the traditionally used 68 point facial feature tracking solution deployed in many virtual try-on services.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated onto a retailer or brand’s website or in-store either as a standalone try-on solution or part of Revieve’s market-leading Digital Makeup Advisor -personalization offering.

“We see the future of beauty commerce being driven by personalized product discovery solutions that combine elements of an actual analysis of the skin, AI as well as a virtual try.-on. Our newly launched offering brings us to the forefront of the market in terms of virtual try-on accuracy and establishes a completely new approach to virtual try-on -technology” continues Parkkinen.

The high-fidelity Live 3D Virtual Try-On is available today in all geographies both as a single brand and multi-brand solution.

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