Revealing the beauty industry’s new key ingredient: Brains

Published: 23-Sep-2020

The beauty world has embraced the need for products which are more than skin deep. But what about brand identity and brand design?

Beautiful thinking.

It’s what elevates a brand above its competitors. It’s what gets a brand noticed in whatever environment it lives. But it also creates a deeper connection with the consumer because Beautiful Thinking has something which sets it apart.

A big thought.

Brand design with a brand idea built in. That’s the essence of what Free The Birds do and what makes them different.

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of history’s Beautiful Thinkers and on his visits to the market in Florence, he had the habit of buying caged birds in order to set them free.

And that is the symbolic mission of the agency. To liberate the potential of brands and people. With beautiful thinking naturally.

Revealing the beauty industry’s new key ingredient: Brains

A unique approach to beauty branding

Free The Birds has a signature approach to branding projects.

In marketing speak, it minimises complexity, maximises return on investment and produces elevated results.In people-speak, it delights.

First, they understand and define.

Then they look all around but mainly to the future, to see where your brand can live and prosper, its destination, Then enshrine its purpose and personality in a manifesto, the flag under which the brand sails.

Then they design. And beautiful thinking gives you the propulsion to reach your chosen island.

And because the design will have an idea within it, the identity can then become assets, both physical and digital.

From the start the ideas are built to fly and to realise their true potential.

If you would like to start a conversation about how Beautiful Thinking can elevate your brand get in touch with Molly Allen: +44(0)7957 435938.

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