Reef friendly sunscreen: An eco-feasible challenge

Published: 11-Mar-2021

Respharma Innovative Ingredients presents new sunscreen smart solution line

Coral reefs are the most species-rich and complex marine ecosystems. Their precious biodiversity is the result of the coexistence of various environmental and geographical factors, making them one of the most important ecological community to be preserved.

One alarm bell of their state of health is coral bleaching.

Recent studies* have shown that certain sunscreens may be the cause of this phenomenon even if no validated method to test coral is existing-yet. Actually, to be "Hawaiian Compliant" the formulation mustn't contain Benzophenone-3 and Ethyl Methoxycinnamate.

Respharma Innovative Ingredients is proud to present a new sunscreen smart solution line: Resconcept Sun Eco Reef a complete range of sunscreens smart emulsion, Hawaiian Compliant.

Resconcept Sun Eco Reef is a new generation of solar emulsions, formulated only with filters that respect the coral environment.

The result of a long and hard formulation effort that now offers a wide range of nature-friendly skin solutions – respectful of the sea and the sub-aquatic environment and designed to responsibly protect our skin.

Discover them now.


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