Q-Lab exhibits at in-cosmetics Paris - stand S116


Q-Lab is the world leader in lightstability test equipment and test services for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. In the cosmetics industry, products are exposed to artificial light in display cases as well as sunlight through store windows. Colorants are susceptible to photodegradation in these conditions. In addition, fading of packaging usually renders a product unfit for sale regardless of the color stability of the consumable item. Drug substances are often highly reactive to light energy, so it is critical for manufacturers to ensure their products retain their safety and efficacy after light exposure.

Q-Lab exhibits at in-cosmetics Paris - stand S116

Q-SUN Xe-1 with Chiller (Xenon Arc Tester)

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For some interior products such as pharmaceuticals & cosmetics, exposure at room temperature is necessary to prevent unnatural degradation. An optional chiller is available for the Xe-1 tester to lower temperatures when testing such heat sensitive materials. With a chiller, a Q-SUN Xe-1 tester can operate at 19-103ºC, depending upon sensor type, irradiance level, filter type, lamp age, & ambient room temperature.