ProTec to retain certain Chesham principals


As Azelis completes S&D acquisition

Azelis yesterday completed the purchase of the S&D Group, including the purchase of Chesham. However, certain companies previously distributed by Chesham will now be distributed by ProTec Ingredia.

In the UK and Ireland ProTec will distribute for ADM, Codif, Corum, Cosmetochem, CPN Contipro, Induchem, Mibelle and Siliconi. It is also distributing for ADM, Codif, Corum and Mibelle in Poland through ProTec Ingredia Polska. The remaining Chesham partners have been retained by Azelis, with the exception of Dow Chemical, which moves to Univar from 1 June.

ProTec will also be expanding its list of partners. The official launch of the company is imminent and will be timed to coincide with the launch of its website.

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