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Published: 11-Apr-2012

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Phenbiox s.r.l. was created in 2006 by 3 research associates of the Industrial Chemistry and Materials Department of Bologna University. The experiences in research and industrialisation of biotechnological processes allowed to apply the know how developed through the research work to create a young and innovative enterprise that produces and sells a new generation of vegetal active ingredients.

  • Phenbiox produce high tech vegetal derived active ingredients
  • Phenbiox technologies are disclosed by 2 exclusive patents that cover the innovative productive processes used to produce our active ingredients
  • Our products are developed to be used in cosmetics
  • We have a range of active ingredients for cosmetics (hair care & skin care) distributed through an international commercial network
  • Our Research & Development is still performed within the Industrial Chemistry and Materials Dept., University of Bologna, that hosts our company as a research spin off
  • Phenbiox products are all 100% made in Italy
  • Our productive processes are completely solvent free and were optimized to drastically reduce the environmental impacts and enhance the efficacy of our active ingredients

Phenbiox active ingredients are produced according with two different technologies:

Molecular Bioliquefaction® Tecnology: a patented technology developed by the Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials of the University of Bologna exclusively licensed to Phenbiox. This enzyme based technology allow to recover 100% of the plant bioactive compounds in a completely bio-available and active form as water based liquid ingredients.
Stimulated Stem Cell Technology: an innovative process that push plant stem cells to overproduce bioactive compounds to further boost the efficacy of the plant stem cell derived active ingredients.

Our Bioliquefied Plants:
OLEOX® (CTFA name: hydrolyzed olive fruit): is 100% green olive enzymatically bioliquefied, effective antioxidant for skin care and hair care.
HYDROPOM® (CTFA name: hydrolyzed tomato skin): protects skin from UV threats.
UVIOX® (CTFA name: hydrolyzed grape skin): red grape phenols for collagen protection.
CRUOX® (CTFA name: hydrolyzed wheat bran): arabinoxylans from wheat bran to plump up wrinkles from inside.
REGENINE (CTFA name: tartaric acid, pyrus malus (apple) fruit extract, citrus medica limonum extract, citric acid, hydrolyzed grape skin, hydrolyzed wheat bran): plant complex to enhance skin renewal.
GSH-DEFENSE (CTFA name: water (and) hydrolyzed eruca sativa leaf): boosts endogenous glutathione tripeptide to soothe skin and scalp.
AQ-SAVE (CTFA name: hydrolyzed chestnut extract): moisturize and repair hair without weighting it down.
PRO-STRUCTURE (CTFA name: hydrolyzed walnut extract): it makes skin more firm and compact, protects hair and prevent hair colour loss.
Our Stimulated Stem Cell:
G-CELL (CTFA name: water (and) vitis vinifera fruit meristem cell culture): stimulated stem cell from unripened grape as effective anti-age.
P-CELL (CTFA name: glycerin (and) Capsicum annuum fruit meristematic cell culture (requested)): firming face and body skin thanks to red pepper stimulated stem cell.

Meet us at In-Cosmetics (booth A-16), Barcelona, 17-19 April 2012 to see our brand new products for 2012

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