Overnight Enhance [MJ+C] to boost night-time skin recovery

Published: 26-Jan-2021

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] shows a significant activity on key night time cell mechanisms

OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] is an active plant shell made of native cells of Four O’Clock (mirabilis jalapa), containing not only its own active molecules but also a caffeine extract to increase its activity.

It combines two cutting-edge technologies: a controlled cell culture that boosts the synthesis of the active molecules inside whole plant cells, and, the delicate integration of a well-known molecule inside those native cells.

As the first Naolys active tested on skin at night, OvernightEnhance [MJ+C] shows a significant activity on key night time cell mechanisms.

It brings to skin an overall energiaing effect by increasing the cell metabolism up to the mitochondrial level, shown by different in vitro tests results.

  • An energising effect by improving the activity of the malate / aspartate shuttle in the mitochondria
  • A detoxifying effect by improving the microcirculation
  • An antioxidant effect by decreasing the lipid peroxidation in free radical chain reactions.

As a result, a clinical study on 22 women using the product with an application at night shows an increase of radiance of 60% after one night and of 63% after 28 days of treatment.

All tests were performed with an emulsion containing 0.5% of OvernightEnhance MJ+C as 20% cells dispersed in 80% glycerine.

OvernightEnhance MJ+C is not allergenic, preservative free, and can be used in any type of skin care formulation - night creams and treatments, night essence and serums, night masks, etc.

It is available in liquid and solid forms.

COSMOS approvals and ISO 16128 certificate on request for all liquid forms.

For more information, see here.

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