Noughty Haircare partners with Fund4Trees to take on urban pollution

Published: 8-Jul-2019

Partnership coincides with launch of new Tough Cookie anti-pollution line

Natural hair care brand Noughty Haircare has announced a partnership with the charity Fund4Trees.

The brand has pledged to donate 5% of sales of its new Tough Cookie Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to the charity during July.

The charity aims to promote the conservation and protection of trees and the funding of advanced tree care research, and proceeds will go towards promoting sustainable treescapes, educating the public about the protection and improvement of trees particularly in and around urban areas and advancing research in all aspects of trees.

The new Touch Cookie hair care line is claimed to help protect hair against pollution and other urban aggressors, which the brand says can weaken, dull and damaged hair.

Each formula is enriched with bilberry, sea buckthorn, and cloudberry, rich in antioxidants to protect and fortify hair.

“Although it’s hard to measure just how much pollution sticks to hair we know that trees in major cities remove between 850 and 2000 tons of particulate pollution each year, which is why we are fully committed to supporting a charity which aim to improve the natural environment for everyone,” said Lorna Mitchell, co-founder of Noughty Haircare.

“We passionately believe in the work Fund4Trees are doing to protect and improve trees particularly in and around urban areas, and we hope to raise awareness of the important work they carry out.”

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