New BENTONE LUXE XO emulsifying gel for water in oil systems

Published: 11-Jun-2021

Compared to traditional water in oil formats, BENTONE LUXE XO provides outstanding stability in suspending pigments and particles even over several freeze-thaw cycles

In response to global consumer demand for skin care products that deliver a good skin feel, Elementis has developed the BENTONE® LUXE XO emulsifying gel for personal care product water in oil formulations. BENTONE® LUXE XO is an effective ingredient for mineral sun care, premium facial care, post-aesthetic treatment, and nourishing body care product formulations that is dynamic and flexible for formulators.

“Today’s consumers are facing new challenges because of the trend toward increased skin cleansing and sanitizing regimens predicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing face masks every day, often for long periods of time, has also exacerbated irritation to sensitive skin,” explained Stijn Dejonckheere, Senior Vice President with Elementis’ Personal Care Business Unit.

“To address these very real and sometimes uncomfortable challenges, consumers are seeking skin care products in a variety of application formats – creams, lotions, serums, bars, concealers, and color-tinted makeup base, that is non-irritating to the skin. This most recent addition to our popular BENTONE® LUXE product series provides superior flexibility for skin care product makers by stabilizing low to extremely high oil loads in water in oil systems when formulating for these ‘new normal’ skin care scenarios,” added Stijn Dejonckheere.

How It Works

Given consumers’ quest for personal care products that feel good on the skin, traditional water in oil formulas have fallen out of favor because of their heavy texture. BENTONE® LUXE XO creates a unique, luxurious feel. Compared to traditional water in oil formats, BENTONE® LUXE XO provides outstanding stability in suspending pigments and particles even over several freeze-thaw cycles.

In addition to its benefits in classical skin care, BENTONE® LUXE XO supports the water resistance of formulas. Therefore, it is a natural choice in creating high performance sun care and make up with excellent wear resistance and superior film formation.

“BENTONE® LUXE XO allows for the formation of unique textures. Our creative team in Cologne has created a library of formulas from light serums to solid systems utilizing the robust emulsifying properties. BENTONE® LUXE XO is a valuable addition to the BENTONE® LUXE line, providing the tools to create diverse textures and sensory experiences,” says Kim Burch, Global Technical Director – Personal Care.

Elementis has assisted its skin care product customers in formulating and testing effective hand creams, sun lotions and other products using BENTONE® LUXE XO. Samples of BENTONE® LUXE XO are available through their website at or by contacting a local Elementis sales representative. BENTONE® LUXE XO is commercially available for delivery in every region of the world through Elementis sales representatives and authorized distributors.

More information about the BENTONE® LUXE series of products as well as formulas are available at

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