New Avery Dennison technology set to ‘revolutionise’ cosmetics labelling


Innovative UHF RFID labels for anti-counterfeiting and inventory accuracy can now be applied to beauty products

New Avery Dennison technology set to ‘revolutionise’ cosmetics labelling

Avery Dennison is introducing its first item-level ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency ID (RFID) inlay and labels.

The labelling company says this move will transform retail within the colour cosmetics market; in the past, the technology has only been available for apparel brands and retailers.

The item-level UHF RFID labels can be applied to metal packaging and liquid goods, providing solutions to issues including low stock visibility, counterfeiting and out of stock skus.

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Avery Dennison’s UHF RFID labels are powered by the company’s Janela platform, which gives each label a unique, serialised identity to trigger real-time mobile experiences for consumers and valuable insight for brands.