Maxey Cosmetics unveils positive ageing campaign starring women in their 40s

By Austyn King | Published: 17-Aug-2022

The campaign showcases looks that show off the women's natural beauty using the US brand's lash and brow serums

Maxey Cosmetics, the US lash and brow specialist brand, is championing positive ageing with its latest campaign starring 40+ women.

Aiming to spotlight the eyes – said to be where the first signs of ageing start to show – the campaign showcases a roster of women wearing beauty looks designed to highlight their natural beauty using Maxey's lash and brow products.

All aged 40 and over, the models include a dental hygienist, a small business owner and a spa and salon owner.

Kirk Maxey, founder of Maxey Cosmetics, said: “Our goal is to expand our demographic of models and capture real women and Maxey Cosmetics users to diversify across multiple age groups.

“MaxeyLash users who are interested in results can refer to the photos, none of which have been edited to enhance lashes, to show that at any age, you can have beautiful full lashes without damaging extensions, or procedures with serious side effects.”

The models wear Maxey products to highlight their eyes' natural beauty, including the brand's hero MaxeyLash serum, designed to enhance the appearance, volume and darkness of lashes; and MaxeyBrow, an an eyebrow conditioner serum said to be formulated to deliver fuller, thicker and darker eyebrows.

More on beauty's pro-ageing revolution:

The latest campaign is part of the growing movement across the beauty industry to embrace a more positive outlook on ageing, with brands and product launches catering to the needs of women aged 40 and over rather than focusing simply on looking younger.

With 66% of women now saying getting older is “something to appreciate”, according to a recent survey by Avon, beauty brands are increasingly targeting older consumers with their launches and celebrity ambassadors.

Earlier this year, Sarah Jessica Parker teamed up with RoC Skincare with a campaign to highlight the positive aspects of the ageing process in a bid to tackle anxiety about ageing.

Meanwhile, last month Hourglass Cosmetics tapped 61-year-old Julianne Moore as its latest ambassador, starring alongside her daughter Liv Freundlich to promote the brand's Ambient Soft Glow Foundation.

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