Mary Kay receives employee honour from Reputation Institute

Published: 30-Jul-2019

Named one of top 100 most reputable employers

US direct selling company Mary Kay has been named as one of the world’s most reputable employers by the Reputation Institute’s (Ri) 2019 Global Workplace 100 study.

The brand ranked number 42 on the list of top 100 global companies.

The study surveyed more than 230,000 people in 15 countries with companies measured on areas including professional development, total rewards, work environment, market leadership, products and leadership.

According to the research, which took place over the last year, willingness to work for Mary Kay increased by 6.2% among workers the largest improvement among all the companies measured in the study.

“Mary Kay is a rising star in the reputation study showing the biggest improvement in the ‘willingness to work for’ category of all companies measured,” said Stephen Hahn-Griffiths, Chief Reputation Officer at Ri.

“Companies like Mary Kay are reaping the benefits of building workplace cultures that foster inclusion while demonstrating concern for the health and well-being of its employees.”

“Our reputation among employees and customers is based on the foundation Mary Kay Ash established when she began her dream company in 1963,” added Melinda Foster Sellers, Chief People Officer at Mary Kay.

“She envisioned a company based on the Golden Rule that made the world a better place through corporate responsibility, innovation, ethical business practices and people-first management - all factors that contributed to our success in this year’s Reputation Institute study.”

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