Margaret Dabbs discusses the future of foot care


Foot care goes mainstream and beyond

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Fresh from the relaunch of her Sole Spa, Margaret Dabbs tells us how she developed her foot care brand and what the future holds for her feet...

You have been an iconic brand for many years – how has the market changed for foot care and podiatry over the years?
I think that I have put feet firmly into the beauty arena. People expect more for their treatments and we offer credible treatments and products. It used to be enough to look after your face – but that is no longer the case. Times have changed in that people never considered their feet when they thought of their beauty regime, but with the onset of the massive increase in designer footwear, it was obvious that foot care was going to follow this. It used to be that people kept their feet covered and our grandmothers did not discuss their feet, their bunions or foot ailments as no one really knew what could be done to help and it was very much a taboo subject. I believe that foot care in general has become and will become even more main stream. People are not prepared to make do with products that are ineffective or unpleasant to use.

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