Male attitudes towards the beauty industry

Published: 23-Jul-2020

Mintel investigates the attitudes of Germany's male skin care and hair care market

Key points included

  • The power of youth
  • More than just appearance
  • The catch-22 of men's grooming.

Covered in this report

Maximum population projections for men indicate that 23% of the German male population will be aged 65+ in 2030. Older men are less invested in haircare and skincare markets, adopting a more basic approach to their hygiene and appearance that challenges market growth.

Building up loyalty and knowledge amongst under-35s as those most engaged with these categories is therefore crucial.

However, financial situations are under pressure, which risks younger men reducing their repertoires as a result - particularly as so much male grooming innovation comes from the prestige sector.

As well as developing more affordable and effective male products for the mass market, brands could also benefit from adopting more calming, stress-relief attributes into NPD to help off-set the everyday strains of modern life.

Written by Bettina Krechel, a leading analyst in the beauty and personal care sector, her extensive knowledge delivers in-depth commentary and analysis to highlight current trends and add expert context to the numbers.

A lack of dedicated NPD is undermining men's involvement in the BPC sector. Harness lifestyle factors, expand mass market options and boost education to excel.

For more information on Mintel's report, see here.

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