Making the right choice for rapid microbial detection


Cindy Lieberman looks at the importance of selecting the right rapid microbial detection method for efficiency and efficacy from the multiple options on the market

There are many factors to keep in mind when considering the right rapid microbial detection method. Given the plethora of rapid detection systems on the market and the wide variance between the offerings, it is critical to understand exactly what tests a C&T manufacturer needs in order to perform most efficiently and effectively. When this drives the purchase decision a manufacturer is able to implement a system and realise a return on investment quickly.

The key criteria in selecting a rapid microbial detection method is its correlation to financial value. The more quickly a rapid detection system can help a company make appropriate business decisions regarding the majority of its product samples, the greater financial value the company will realise.

The first consideration in selecting a rapid detection method is the concept of actionable information. How effectively does the method give the information that is needed to make a business decision fast, and does it deliver the financial return required?


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