Luxury CBD brand OTO helps customers sleep with new Pillow Mist

By Becky Bargh 31-Jul-2019

As well as a blend of hemp extract, the product also infused with lavender and chamomile

Luxury CBD brand OTO helps customers sleep with new Pillow Mist

Premium CBD brand OTO has introduced a new Pillow Mist to its line-up of products.

Retailing at £119, the product contains 30% CBD, giving customers between 40 and 60mg per application.

As well as its naturally grown hemp extracts, the formula is blended with lavender and chamomile to improve sleep, boost energy levels and relieve anxiety, stress and pain.

The product was developed by OTO Director Ketan Joshi, who said the product experienced “fantastic” results in its consumer trials.

“At OTO, our focus is on creating effective and thoughtful products that combine the benefits of CBD with natural oils and botanicals,” he said.

“The OTO Pillow Mist is our latest product to combine quality ingredients and research to deliver transformative results.”

To use, customers should spray the formula onto their pillow before sleep.

The product can now be purchased from

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