Lush encourages at-home creativity with bath bomb kits

By Julia Wray | Published: 10-Sep-2021

The hands-on solution was inspired by the need to entertain children during lockdown

Beauty brand and retailer Lush is well-known for its fizzy, colourful bath products, but now the ethical label is encouraging customers to enjoy a hands-on experience in their own kitchen with the launch of its bath bomb kits.

The kits were developed in response to families requiring fun activities to keep children entertained throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

“Inspired by months of being locked in with my family and finding ways to entertain the whole family, these create kits bring the handmade cosmetic experience into your home,” said Lush Product Inventor Jack Constantine.

The kits are said to contain all the ingredients and materials needed for consumers to press out their own fizzing character.

Lush encourages at-home creativity with bath bomb kits

Two versions are available: the Fairy and Bear create kit (£12) is a fruity bath duo comprising Fairy, fragranced with uplifting Persian lime oil, and berry-scented Bear, combining blackcurrant, cypress and bergamot. And both provide crackle thanks to a dash of popping candy.

The Robot and Dino create kit (also £12), meanwhile, provides a double-whammy of uplifting citrus-scented bath bombs, also combined with popping candy.

A final newcomer from Lush is Toby’s Magic Cow Bath Bomb (£3.95), a Milky Bar-scented product, inspired by a letter from a young customer telling Lush about her little brother Toby’s love of bath bombs.

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