Lumson at make-up in Los Angeles 2022

Published: 17-Feb-2022

Lumson will be on hand to meet its customers at Make-Up In Los Angeles, the B2B event dedicated to the world of cosmetics and make-up takes place at the Convention Center in Los Angeles on February 23rd and 24th

Airless, Lumson's crown jewel

Airless systems, together with dispensing systems, have always been Lumson’s main focus which offers a range of integrated and customisable solutions that is among the most expansive and complete in terms of materials, designs, and finishes.

Different types of airless systems are included in its ample portfolio.

These solutions have countless advantages: firstly, they protect the product from contact with the air, avoiding possible microbial and environmental contamination; moreover, they ensure complete dispensing of the product and finally, they are suitable for formulas with different viscosities (serums, face products, body creams, etc).

Systems in tune with the times that are functional and combine the highest level of safety with a sustainable approach.

At the trade show, the company will present some of its best-sellers: TAG, APP, Envers, and TAL, its latest addition with a container made of aluminium.

Sustainability in the spotlight with refillable systems

Eco-sustainable solutions that follow the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle are always relevant and highly contemporary as well.

Following the tendency to circularity, Lumson will also present two refillable solutions to industry professionals: Eco-compact, the compact case created in collaboration with Belotti which is completely recyclable and already winner of Best Packaging 2020, and RePlace, the 50ml glass jar with a refillable system (inner cup).

Refillable systems have a prominent place in the company's launch plans because “they are an effective solution due to their extremely positive impact on the environment and suggest new, more ethical and principled consumption habits to more attentive consumers”, commented Matteo Moretti, Lumson President.

Make-Care, Make-Up becomes treatment

Do women want more from their beauty routine? Do they want high-performing skincare and make-up that has multitasking benefits?

The answer from companies is represented by a new generation of make-up products, especially foundations and concealers, that bridge the distance with treatment creams, extending their benefits over time.

In interpreting this new trend that sees the line blurred between make-up and skincare, Lumson has put its many solutions that have been developed to enhance make-care products (more than 80!) into one catalogue.

From 5 to 40ml bottles and jars (also in PCR versions for an even more sustainable approach) to pair up with just as many dispensing systems and accessories, to airless systems from 15ml to 50ml (available in a pouch and piston version to maintain maximum product integrity), all the way to plastic miniature bottles with applicators.

In Los Angeles, Lumson will present two of its most recent innovations dedicated to the make-care world: Kube, its thick-walled glass bottles. H Kube and IT-Kube, both 30 ml, with their minimalist shape and design are a nod to the iconic geometrical figure which has inspired fashion, art, and design.

Sign, the lipstick that leaves its mark

As a tribute to lipstick, the most iconic of makeup products, Lumson will give a preview of its new SIGN lipstick in Los Angeles.

The element of SIGN that enhances and renders it unique is the metal plate on the top of the cap which enables it to be customised by playing with the color, the finishes (shiny or brushed satin effect), and the infinite customisation options - logos, designs, icons-attainable with debossing technology.

With SIGN, the customer can unleash their imagination and create the lipstick they once could have only dreamt about. The lipstick has a diameter of 12.7. The base, mechanism and cap are made of PP.

The dates with Lumson and its cosmetic and make-up solutions are February 23-24 in LosAngeles, stand F1.

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