Lubrizol taps social listening and AI to develop new formulations

By Julia Wray | Published: 29-Sep-2021

The #skincaringmakeup collection allows consumers to improve their skin’s long-term health

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) has introduced a collection called #skincaringmakeup, said to combine the best of skin care and colour cosmetics with artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

The 12 make-up formulations for face, eyes and lips are made with LLS Beauty active and functional ingredients and formulated to deliver benefits important to consumers.

The company’s colour cosmetics team was supported by the Foresee Lab within LLS Beauty, to spot advanced trends and leverage AI to pull data and insights from social media conversations.

Learnings from that analysis directed the team to focus on the top five targeted and trending benefits, including smoothness, long-lastingness, colour, protection and moisturisation.

The #skincaringmakeup collection is said to allow consumers to improve their skin’s long-term health while enhancing smooth and even make-up application.

The collection has been developed to give brands the opportunity to develop make-up products that truly resonate in the market.

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