L\'Oréal commits to \'zero deforestation\' by 2020


Cosmetics giant reaffirms its sustainability promise

As part its \'Sharing Beauty With All\' sustainability commitment, announced in October 2013, L\'Oréal has said that it intends to source 100% renewable raw materials from sustainable sources by 2020 and has committed to “zero deforestation”. To ensure that none of its products are linked to deforestation, and conscious that some agricultural commodities may lead to deforestation, the beauty giant says it has been implementing specific action plans as regards the sustainable sourcing of palm oil, soya oil and wood fibre based products since 2007.

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L\'Oréal\'s goals for 2020, however, reach further and include 100% FSC of PEFC certified board and paper for packaging and POS, and 100% of soya oil from sustainable sourcing. Regarding the use of palm oil, L\'Oréal\'s ambition is to obtain 100% of its palm oil and major palm derivatives from known sources by 2015, and to ensure that 100% of its palm supply will be “free from deforestation” by 2020 at the latest.