Kosé teams up with Panasonic launch smart mirror in Maison Kosé

By Becky Bargh 10-Dec-2019

The new Snow Beauty Mirror combines Panasonic’s technology to give customers personalised skin care recommendations and beauty tips

Japanese personal care company Kosé has teamed up with Panasonic to develop a smart mirror for its new concept store.

The new Snow Beauty Mirror, which will feature at the brand’s new Maison Kosé, will offer customers personalised beauty advice for their specific skin tone and needs.

Contactless sensors embedded in the mirror will detect the condition of the skin including spots, wrinkles, smile lines and pores to give tailored product recommendations.

Genetic algorithms combined with Panasonic’s image processing technologies also gives customers tips on the right foundation shade to use and application techniques to achieve their ideal look.

Meanwhile, the mirror’s verification test, which uses Panasonic’s Make-up Sheet technology and skin tones analysis technology, presents colours that suit customers’ skin tones.

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Kosé’s new Maison store is expected to open on 17 December.