Kardashians consider suing Haven Beauty


Reality TV family accuses Kardashian Beauty of using their name without permission

By Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

By Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian are considering taking legal action against a cosmetics company called Haven Beauty. The brand is already in a lawsuit of its own against the sisters, who say they have no involvement with the company. The three sisters allege that the brand has used their endorsement without permission.

The Kardashian family previously partnered with a company called Boldface in 2012. The partnership was for a collection of cosmetic products, originally called Khroma Beauty, which later changed to Kardashian Beauty after the company was challenged by a pre-existing brand with a similar name.

The range never materialised after Boldface was accused of mismanagement. The Kardashian Beauty brand was then sold to Hillair Capital Management, creating the company Haven.

Earlier this year Haven filed a lawsuit against the three sisters after accusing them of failing to promote the brand adequately. The company is seeking damages of more than $180m to compensate for lost income and breach of contract. Despite this, the company appears to have launched its range without the support of its namesakes earlier this month.

A spokesperson told TMZ on behalf of the Kardashians: “Over the weekend, new cosmetic products were announced on the Kardashian Beauty cosmetic social media pages with pictures and statements from Kourtney, Kim and Khloe. The three Kardashian sisters are not in business with this cosmetic company.”

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The Kardashians are now said to be taking legal action against Haven Beauty. The spokesperson said: “The people selling the Kardashian Beauty brand and their predatory owners knew this and are attempting to mislead the Kardashians’ fans by stating that the Kardashians are still involved. This outrageous conduct is a legal matter and will be dealt with accordingly.”