KahlWax isolates sustainable Myrica fruit wax

Published: 27-Apr-2015

Myrica fruit wax has unique features in that it is hard, but easy to spread

Kahlwax, one of the leading specialists in natural plant-based waxes, has developed Kahlwax 6279L, derived from 100% natural ingredients, including Myrica fruit wax. The fragrant wax is obtained from the berries of the Myrica pubescent tree, which grows at high altitudes in the Andes Mountains and can be found in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Myrica fruit wax is unique in that it is exceptionally hard, but has no double bonds, is a naturally hydrogenated oil with a low melting point that is close to human body temperature. These features make it easy to spread and particularly versatile for use in personal care and cosmetics products.

The fruit wax is produced through sustainable methods and harvested by local farmers in a process monitored by the Union for Ethical Bio Trade. It is extracted via boiling and then skimming the surface, and is processed in Germany without the use of solvents or additives.

Kahlwax 6279L helps to reduce the tackiness of water-in-oil emulsions while increasing product stability, and can be used for a range of cosmetic applications on skin and hair.

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