KahlWax will be presenting three new functional ingredients based on wax

Published: 31-Mar-2017

6684 Jasmine Wax has the natural protection power. In vivo studies show that it protects the skin against the adhesion of dirt particles and eases their removing.

6422 Veggiesoft Complex is an all natural, vegan alternative to lanolin wax. It has a proven 200% water binding capacity and a positive impact on skin elasticity.

6607H Sunflower Hydrowax is a very power full co-emulsifier, creating extremely creamy and stable emulsion already at a use level < 3 %. Shown in a sensorial analysis it improves skin feel and texture and turns a simple O/W emulsion into a luxurious butter.

Additionally brand-new formulation kits for ethnic beauty, anti-pollution, and sophisticated lip care have been developed. Have a look and get inspired!

Visit KahlWax at in-cosmetics global London - booth BB50

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