JCPenney donates $50,000 to support cancer patients with HairToStay partnership

By Austyn King | Published: 18-Oct-2022

The US-based non-profit provides patients with scalp cooling treatments to help reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy

US department store chain JCPenney is donating $50,000 to support cancer patients in partnership with charity HairToStay.

The non-profit helps to provide cancer patients in the US with scalp cooling treatments, which are said to help reduce hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

8% of cancer patients are said to choose not to go through chemotherapy - a potentially life-saving treatment - due to the fear of losing their hair, according to HairToStay.

However, the treatment, which provides patients with cooling caps, works to prevent this side effect by reducing blood flow to hair follicle cells – which means they are exposed to fewer chemotherapy medications – as well as slowing down the rate of cellular metabolism which helps reduce the unwanted effects of the medication on cells. 

More on JCPenney:

“Our stylists work with our clients every day, and they’re some of the first people our clients typically call after a cancer diagnosis,”  said Lori Chumley, Director of Salon Operations and Communication at JCPenney, explaining that patients often undergo a ‘chemo cut’ in preparation for losing their hair during treatment.

“As a breast cancer survivor myself, I thought about how magical it would be for us to be able to share with those clients that they don’t have to lose their hair – that there’s another option during chemo treatment.”

JCPenney will also work to raise awareness and educate consumers about HairToStay and fundraising initiatives for its customers, associates and stylists working in its Salon locations, as the department store chain rolls out its dedicated beauty concessions to over 600 of its stores across the US.

It is the latest in HairToStay’s partnerships with hair and beauty brands, which include Kerastase, Amika, Living Proof and Ethica Beauty.


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