Issada launches new supercharged B5 and B3 skin reviving serum

Published: 22-Mar-2021

This multi-action concentrate fights dehydration and premature aging

When Issada creates a skin care product, they focus on solving a specific problem, working to provide an effective product that works. Issada’s niacinamide and B5 multi-action concentrate has been clinically formulated to help people with skin that has rosacea, is sensitive (or sensitised), dry, sun-damaged, pigmented or has acne scarring.

This multi-action concentrate fights dehydration and premature ageing. Using a combination of B5 and B3 combined with hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally in the skin) to reduce hyper-pigmentation, brighten and lighten and brighten the skin, assist in fading age spots, evens out skin tone, and repairing DNA that has been damaged by free radicals.

The formula works to hydrate your skin, increase elasticity, reduce redness, calm the skin and soften wrinkles.

Cleverly packaged in an airless pump that allows no inflow of external air – preventing the product from oxidising and ensuring the integrity and potency of the formula.

As always, Issada’s products care about our world, being cruelty free, paraben free, vegan and free from palm and palm derivatives.

Ingredients are biodegradable and the packaging is recyclable. It’s Australian made too!

RRP: $77 for 30ml. Go to to find your nearest stockist or to order.

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