Introducing Celsis AMPiScreen AP reagents for rapid contamination detection

Published: 16-Jul-2021

The Celsis AMPiScreen AP reagent kit is the latest advancement in the gold standard Celsis ATP bioluminescence detection platform for detecting the presence of bacteria, yeasts and molds that could be contaminating your product

As more personal care, cosmetics, and home care manufacturers shift to all-natural and botanical formulations for their products, either as part of a large portfolio or with a specialised focus, the need for a single rapid test method that can handle multiple product types has become increasingly important.

Most rapid microbiological test methods have limited sample compatibility due to technological limitations, while many ATP detection-based test kits cannot discern between product and contaminant ATP.

These challenges are solved by using Celsis AMPiScreen® AP in conjunction with Celsis® luminometers and utiliisng a holistic and efficient approach with one testing platform for your organisation’s products.

This is a unique feature of Celsis® rapid method systems and one of the many reasons it has been trusted by the largest personal care, cosmetics, and home care product manufacturers across the globe for more than two decades.

Consumer preferences have demanded companies to adopt botanical and organic formulations, which contain ATP. This challenges many rapid microbiological methods, including ATP swab kits, as they have no way of detecting ATP from bacteria, yeasts, and molds from the ATP in the product itself.

Celsis AMPiScreen® AP will deplete background ATP from the product, while leaving microbial ATP intact. This both normalises background ATP levels to provide consistent, predictable rapid detection performance.

By implementing Celsis AMPiScreen® AP from the start, or upgrading from Celsis AMPiScreen® to Celsis AMPiScreen® AP, users reduce the need to potentially adapt their test methodology or switch rapid methods between products of differing formulations and categories.

This key feature helps even growing companies take advantage of the same efficiencies derived from rapid microbiological methods to detect contamination in 24 hours, reduce overhead costs, and release clean product faster to the market.

Learn more about Celsis AMPiScreen® AP Reagents and access the product sheet here.

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