Charles River launches Celsis Adapt Express

Published: 13-Jun-2024

A sample preparation system specific for the Home and Personal Care Industry

Charles River Laboratories is pleased to announce the expansion of the Celsis® microbial detection portfolio with the launch of the Celsis Adapt™ Express. The Celsis Adapt Express sample preparation system paired with the Celsis amplified ATP-bioluminescence testing platform allows best-in-class microbial detection in 8 hours or less. Our rapid microbial detection system is able to reduce the amount of time needed to detect microorganisms, enables faster response times and provides more agile supply chain operations that guarantee the protection of both the consumers and the brand equity.

Same Celsis platform, same Celsis reagents, but faster time to result just adding the Celsis Adapt Express. As a matter of fact, getting your microbial test results within the same shift equals to reduced information transfer between production shifts. In simpler terms, the personnel who detect the potential contamination is also able to begin mitigation of the issue before their shift is complete. Specifically designed for home care and personal care products, the Celsis Adapt Express allows manufacturers to overcome the limitations of conventional ATP-based methods, as well as other rapid microbiological methods. With Celsis Adapt Express, ATP-bioluminescence detection can be achieved much sooner by removing the interfering chemistries and concentrating microbial cells from the sample. The Celsis Adapt Express has undergone rigorous compatibility testing with a variety of products and raw materials such as mouthwashes, shampoos and conditioners, lotions, cosmetics, detergents, hard surface cleaners, wipes, and more.

The Celsis instrument portfolio allows you to take confident disposition decisions on your product quality and contamination control efforts. Quick action on product quarantine, remediation, or initiating a replacement lot will reduce production cycle times, improve productivity, reduce the cost to manufacture and avoid possible product recalls. Discover all the benefits of our Celsis systems including the new Adapt Express by visiting

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