Intertek Cantox to work with Health Canada

Published: 3-Nov-2011

New services to be provided to Canada’s food, drug and cosmetics industries

Intertek Cantox, part of the Intertek Group, a leading provider of scientific and regulatory consulting services, has announced its delivery of new services to help the food, drug and cosmetics industries take full advantage of Health Canada’s invitation to nominate existing ingredients to the Revised In-Commerce List (ICL).

This revised ICL is expected to form the basis of exemptions from the need to secure pre-market approval under the upcoming Environmental Assessment Regulations which will trigger the need for the independent approval of ‘new’ ingredients.

Joyce Borkhoff is director of Intertek Cantox’s Chemical Group and she comments: “Canada is taking a unique regulatory approach for assessing and managing the environmental and indirect human health impacts of substances in products regulated under the Food and Drugs act.”

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