Indian olibanum cells to take care of dry and irritated skin

Published: 15-Feb-2022

HydraSoothing Indian olibanum: A smooth-ing operator

HydraSoothing Indian olibanum is made of active plant cells from the Indian olibanum (boswellia serrata).

The Indian olibanum is famous for the resin it produces known as frankincense and used not only in religious ceremonies but as a medicinal plant as well in Asia.

HydraSoothing Indian olibanum will restore the natural balance at the level of the epidermis, from hydration process to soothing mechanisms.

HydraSoothing Indian olibanum has a balancing effect on the skin, especially on the strengthening of the skin barrier, improving its composition therefore its aspect, through different actions.

In vitro tests show the following effects:

  • A moisturising effect, due to an increase of dynamic and static water and GAG (glycosaminoglycans)
  • A soothing effect due to a limitation of the synthesis of key inflammation mediators
  • A regenerating effect due to an increase of cell proliferation
  • An antioxidant effect due to a decrease of lipid peroxidation

All tests were carried out with a concentration of 0.5% (20% cells in 80% vegetal glycerin).

HydraSoothing Indian olibanum does not contain any preservatives.

It can be used in formulae for skincare products (face and body) or make-up products. COSMOS or Natrue approvals available on request for all liquid forms of the product, ISO 16128 certificates as well.

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