IFSCC Seoul 2017 on track to deliver a very Korean experience – plus important dates!


The SCSK (Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea) and the IFSCC (International Federation of Science of Cosmetic Chemists) are very much honoured to host the IFSCC Conference in Seoul.

This year's IFSCC congress returns to Seoul for first time since 2003 and much has changed. South Korea is now a cosmetics research and manufacturing powerhouse. With a unique culture and style, this year's IFSCC will reflect this very special take with a full scientific programme and a social programme that promises to be a distinctive and positive experience.

The organising committee has chosen the conference theme of 'Cosmetic science: beauty, convergence and creativity' to show the harmony of oriental tradition and cosmetology, and the convergence of science and nature to 800 cosmetic chemists and researchers from all over the world at the IFSCC 2017 Conference.

Important dates are approaching, including standard registration by 31 August 2017. Full paper submission is by 31 July 2017, as well as COI disclosure & declaration of publication submission by the same July date.Sign up for your free email newsletter