How to make an ingrown spot treatment

Published: 14-Jun-2022

Gentle acids are key to a formula that combats ‘ingrowns’, as Flamingo's Natalie Chan reveals

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Ingrown hairs are a hazard of any depilation process. In this article, Natalie Chan, Product Development Director with hair removal experts Flamingo, explains how the brand selected the optimal ingredients to combat this issue.

How to make an ingrown spot treatment

Ingrown hairs are irritating to say the least for those of us who suffer with them.

At Flamingo, we look at the hair removal routine as a whole and create products that make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ingrowns are a totally normal (but uncomfortable) part of having and removing body hair – in fact, 62% of people get ingrown hairs after shaving. So, we knew we needed to create an exfoliating solution our customers could depend on to help resolve ingrown hairs and soothe the signs of irritation.

An ingrown hair happens when a re-growing hair gets trapped under the surface of the skin. This means the hair continues growing under the skin instead of emerging through the skin, curling back on itself and forming a bump that can be painful.

In order to release the trapped hair, we need to gently exfoliate the skin’s surface so the hair can emerge.

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