How to get beach ready: Feet


Help your customers with beach foot care

In this five-part series we speak to beauty aficionados with different areas of expertise. We're finding out how you can get your customers beach-ready, from their hair right down to their feet and everything in between. In this second instalment, we're looking at foot care...

Going barefoot in the sand is one of the simplest pleasures of a beach holiday, but during the winter months feet can get neglected. If a customer is worried about going barefoot, advise them to set aside some time to make sure they feel confident enough to jump straight into those flip-flops on the beach.

If a customer doesn’t have time for a professional foot care treatment before they jet off, advise them to do a home treatment. Foot care expert Margaret Dabbs says your customers will be surprised by the lasting results. She suggests using a foot file on dry skin before bathing and a lotion after washing.

Tell customers they can keep their tootsies in tip-top shape with a little mid-holiday maintenance. “If customers take a foot file on holiday with them they can use it while they are away,” Dabbs says. Her tip is to moisturise feet daily after moisturising the face to keep them nice and soft.

She also says an SPF should be applied to feet regularly, particularly if someone is wearing open-toe sandals all day. A sunburnt toe is the last thing your customers will want.

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