How modern day life is harming our sense of smell


With visual stimulation playing a key role in consumers' lives, a new phenomenon is arising known as ‘urban anosmia’. Here’s how the fragrance industry is responding

How modern day life is harming our sense of smell
Jo Fairely

Jo Fairely

The modern day nose is losing its touch.

Consumers today are bombarded with visual cues as brands vie for billboard space and the biggest, brightest campaigns, while the foodie revolution has helped to enhance the average Joe and Jane's palette.

But where does that leave our sense of smell?

Urbanites have been claimed to have an impaired sense of smell in comparison to their hunter-gatherer predecessors, in a phenomenon known as urban anosmia, which can refer to either a total or partial loss of smell.

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Here, Jo Fairley co-founder of The Perfume Society talks to Cosmetics Business about why consumers are losing their sense of smell, how to improve it and what it could mean for the fragrance category.


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