HEBELYS receives a Ringier Technology Innovation Award


HEBELYS®, a biotechnological active ingredient designed by GREENTECH, has received a Ringier Technology Innovation Award, one of the most recognised awards in the active cosmetic ingredient industry in China

HEBELYS receives a Ringier Technology Innovation Award

The Ringier Awards recognise innovative and promising active ingredients for the Chinese market. They are evaluated by a jury on 4 criteria: efficacy/scientific data, safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. This award received by HEBELYS® is a positive signal for French biotechs and attests to the interest of a holistic approach to skin care.

Discover HEBELYS®

HEBELYS® is an advanced biotechnological active ingredient, designed using a systemic approach, to specifically address skin and emotional needs of the silver generation women and to support women after the age of 50 toward a positive ageing, acting like a guardian of their golden age.


Ferment of Sphingomonas sp., a golden extremophilic microorganism which is able to survive in stressful environment due to a high metabolic plasticity, obtained by optimised fermentation (metabolic orientation).

Mechanisms of action

HEBELYS® tackles the root of skin aging, by limiting oxidative stress and cell senescence pathways (p21/p16) leading to the formation senescent “zombie” cells. HEBELYS® limits SASP (senescence-associated secretory phenotype), the secretion of inflammatory factors more specifically, thus limiting the deleterious effects of “zombie” cells. Moreover, HEBELYS® rejuvenates dermal matrisome, promoting a healthier and rejuvenating cellular environment.

Benefits: Skin and Mood uplifter

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HEBELYS® offers a holistic care of mature skin, by acting on:

  • 4 physical impacts of aging: it smooths wrinkles, awakes dull and uneven skin tone, improves coarse skin texture and tightens saggy skin
  • 2 cognitive impacts: it uplifts self-esteem and mood state
  • Sublimate skin, mood and age.

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