HCT launches twist mix dropper

Published: 7-Jan-2020


The TM Dropper is a great option for high-grade formulas. Its patent-pending design features a smaller chamber (powder or liquid) and a larger liquid chamber, that upon first twist of the shoulder, mixes together.

This not only extends the product's shelf-life, but also aids in maintaining the formula's integrity and potency. This component is also available with a lotion pump dispenser.


1. Twist - On the first use, twist the shoulder of the component to open the smaller powder/liquid chamber.

2. Mix - Once chamber is opened, shake the bottle to mix the contents from the smaller chamber with the contents in the larger chamber.

3. Ready for use - Once the two formulations have been mixed, the product is ready for use and functions like your typical dropper bottle.


HCT Skincare creates innovative solutions that preserve and protect the integrity of skincare formulations.


  • Bulb: Silicone
  • Pipette: PETG
  • Wiper: PE
  • Neck: PETG
  • Bottle Shoulder: PCTA
  • P Plug Pipe: PETG
  • Neck O-ring: NBR
  • Bottle O-ring: NBR
  • P Bottle: PP
  • P Plug: PE
  • Bottle: PETG



Fill weight

Powder/Liquid Chamber: 2.5ml
Liquid Chamber: 12.5ml+ 


Patent pending

For more information, visit hctgroup.com.

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